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The Clans

Post by Izzi on Sun Dec 21, 2014 4:09 pm

Pack Name:: The Clan of Fallen Tree 
Members:: 15
Males:: 8
Females:: 7
Our newest member:: Sarani
Are we accepting members?:: No
Are we accepting biographies/applications?:: No
Reason:: We have too many Fallen Tree members. Once Marsh Creek catches up with Fallen Trees, we will be open for applications again.

Pack Name:: The Clan of Marsh Creek
Members:: None
Males:: None
Females:: None
Our newest member:: x
Are we accepting members?:: Yes
Are we accepting biographies/applications?:: Yes

ATTENTION:: We are currently awfully in need of Marsh Creek members. Once the Alphas are moving there, it´d be wonderful to see Marsh Creek catching up with Fallen Trees. So new members will have to join Marsh Creek until the amount of members in each pack is kind of even. 


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